We build intuitive, beautiful software for iOS, Android and the web. With a wide range of experience from real estate to transportation to internal systems, touch can help bring your business into the app generation.

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End to End Technology



Get an edge on your competition and let us help you reach new customers using state of the art mobile apps designed to be beautiful, playful and intuitive.



We build beautiful custom websites that match your businesses branding identity and marketing campaigns, helping you target every online customer elegantly and effectively.



Technology is most powerful when connected. We can help building and set up internal systems to reduce paperwork and streamline business costs using the latest technology.

Recent Projects

Red Eye Optical

We custom built a patient history form to be easy to use, simple and integrated with Red Eye`s existing workflow and systems, while accounting for regulations in the industry.


WheelCloud is a startup building software to listing and buy vehicles. Touch has overseen the development of this suite of mobile and web applications from inception, focusing on mobile-first design and scalablity.


iTenant is mobile platform for iOS and Android to develop tailor made marketing applications for commerical real estate. It is activly used for over 10 properties, including the American Dental Association building in Chicago.


Rahmat-e-Alam is an application designed around their community, with features specificly built to better serve members. Custom prayer times, moon sightings, and other real time data are accessable via the software.


We worked with a Chicago start up on front-end design and development of a personal dispatch application. During our time with Snag, the software was awared a Chicago City contract for centralized wheel-chair acessable dispatch.

Your Computer Rescue

Your Computer Rescue needed a modern ticket managment system for their computer repair shop. Along with the system, we set up a complemetry ticket managment application for customer use on iOS devices.

Design isn’t just the way something looks. It’s the whole thing, the way something actually works.

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